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A Great shot of Benedict’s very sweet and expressive face.

Thanks John Bauld!

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Huge thanks and good vibes to everyone who came to see . Long live the King! (x)

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in s4 i want harry to tell sherlock that john is constantly gushing over him and i want for john to be embarrassed and for harry to be all like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Just imagine like a year or two into their relationship, John and Sherlock come stumbling in the front door, high on adrenaline and giggling, and John presses Sherlock back into the wall, kissing him breathlessly through their laughter and eventually pulling away and saying “You’re going to marry me,” and Sherlock quirking an eyebrow, all cocky, and saying “Oh really? Who says?” And John just grinning and stepping back some and gesturing to the door, saying “The man at the door” and there’s a knock and Sherlock just stares at him for a second before he opens it and there’s Angelo with a huge grin and a small ring box held out in his hand, and he says “John texted me, said you’d be needing this.”

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