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Painting things! Phew! TwT

Here’s my entry for this month’s letsdrawsherlock: Culture Swap!

Well, ok, where do i begin with this? I live in the north of Germany in a somewhat smallish city called Kiel. It is surrounded by a lot of green. Mostly fields and pastures, since we don’t really do forests here. The sea is also a very important part of the city and the landscape.

In the background on the right you can see the Laboer Ehrendenkmal a well known landmark around these parts. It is not directly located in the city, but a tiny bit further out. Really just a teeny tiny bit further out though especially for American standards.

I dressed John and Sherlock in clothing that you see quite often here. Practical and weatherproof, which is a very good idea if you have to be outside a lot. When it rains it usually rains quite hard.

Then I also gave them a little Dachshund and I like to imagine, since they are German here, they wouldn’t call him Gladstone, but Bismarck.

Oh, I also think that John would bother Sherlock every Sunday that they have to be home on time - 20:15 straight - if there’s a new Tatort on. Especially if it’s one filmed in Kiel. Sherlock would naturally loathe it.

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You don’t have a girlfriend then.

It’s not really my area.

Oh. Oh right. Do you have a boyfriend?

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I’ll let you know next week’s lottery numbers.

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